About Our Shop in Richmond, TX

Understanding Long Meadow

For the Long Meadow Car Care team, hard work and dedication exude through the shop. Since opening in 1989 (felt like that was just last year!), we’ve helped hundreds of customers get the performance they need from their vehicles. We’ve been able to learn from the ups-and-downs of being a locally owned, independent business and that’s why we feel so strongly about our shop. We’ve been through the proverbial “ringer” and we take notes of our successes and failures. We understand what works and what doesn’t.

It’s one thing to hear about traits such as “hard work, dedication, passion” etc. but it’s another thing to put it on display for your team and customers to see. How does the Long Meadow team do it? Through pushing ourselves in the garage and the classroom. All technicians that work for our shop must earn their ASE Certification before they start working on our customer’s vehicles. But that’s not all, we expect our team to also return to school so they can get caught up with newest tools, technologies, and trends that are buzzing around the automotive industry.

So, what does this all add up to? This means that you’ll be receiving the highest quality care available for your vehicle. This means that when you visit us, we’ll be able to do the job and explain it to you in a way that you understand. This means when you come in, you won’t return after a few days with the same or more problems. We don’t take this lightly, because we understand how important your car is to you and your life.

We’ll Show You A Better Way

Confidence is important, right? The Long Meadow team understands what it takes to provide quality customer service because we do our best to put ourselves in your shoes. Using this perspective, we’re able to clean and refine our processes so by the time you come to our shop, we’ve mastered what we need to do to make your visit a great one.

Along with this, we value transparency. We understand that in order to build your trust, you need to know what exactly is going on in our end. We accomplish this by first providing you with prices. These prices MUST be approved by you before any work is done. Afterward, we walk you through what we’ll be working on in a way you’ll understand. If during the service we see something else wrong we’ll provide you with some recommendations, but it’ll ultimately be up to you if you’d like the additional repairs.

We’re proud of the work we do (if you couldn’t tell already) and we’re excited to share it with you. Give us a call at (281) 232-8444 or visit our “Schedules” page to book your appointment with us today! Need same day car service or just want to say hi? Visit our shop at 20941 West Bellfort! We happily accept walk-ins!*

*Wait times will vary based on availability